Capacitve Switches

SENSORswitches are capacitive pushbuttons which are activated without pressure, using a hand or other parts of the body. The buttons have a determinate sensing distance, which may be altered, however, by varying the approach speed and/or damping factor. A quickly approaching fi nger will achieve a higher sensing distance than a slowly approaching finger. A hand, with its larger damping surface, will achieve a greater sensing distance than a finger at the same speed. Sensitivity of the buttons is specified by the electronic circuit and cannot be changed serially. All sensors are checked for consistent sensitivity values, which have been determined by long-standing experience.

Characteristics making the capacitive CAPTRON SENSORswitch a unique product:

  • Thanks to the water-tight encapsulated electronic system and the weatherproof housing material (poly-carbonate), the pushbuttons have a long service life.
  • Since there is no mechanical motion whatsoever, the SENSORswitch is maintenance-free.
  • The contact-free switching operation, the vandal-proof system, and, fi rst and foremost, the unlimited switching cycles make our SENSORswitch a high-quality product for several applications in Industrial Automation, Traffi c & Transport and Building Technology.
  • The handicapped accessible layout provides for distinct recognisability:
  • The striking visual feedback signal, the symbol text in Braille script (embossed printing), and the palpable relief arrows. Furthermore, options such as tactile and acoustic feedback signals based on vibration and beeps are possible.
  • Due to their special design the SENSORswitches can be mounted quickly and fl exibly on either walls, doors or glass, resulting in only minimal installation costs.
  • In addition to the standard programme and to provide users with fl exibility, CAPTRON also develops and manufactures products to satisfy customised applications. For example, this includes special symbols, colour requirements, different types of plugs or cables, acoustic and tactile feedback, but also special designs or complete new developments in direct cooperation with the customer.
  • Pressure-free switching employing the capacitive principle allows switching through glass. The SENSORswitches for glass-mounting are snapped into previously glued mounting rings on the glass panel of the door or window. This way the switches can be activated without the need for drilling holes through the glass.

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