Pressure Converter App

The ESI Pressure converter allows you to quickly and easily access a pressure conversion tool, whether out on-site or in the office. 

Quickly and easily converting the most common pressure units is at your fingertips wherever you are. Ideal for engineers, site contractors, production and laboratory technicians and anyone who needs basic pressure unit conversion. 

The ESI Pressure converter supports conversions of the following units: 

  • Bar
  • mbar
  • Pa
  • kPa
  • MPa
  • Psi
  • kg / cm2
  • inHg
  • mmHg 0 ° C
  • inH2O
  • mWG

Heavy Duty Pressure Transmitter

The PR9000 Series pressure transmitters have been designed to meet the requirements of the majority of demanding industrial and process applications for pressure measurement requiring an output of 4-20 mA. With robust stainless steel housing construction, this range of pressure transmitters incorporates the latest Silicon- on-Sapphire strain gauge technology, together with a custom design amplifier offering excellent stability and accuracy over a long service life.

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