Coaxial gear reducers and gearmotors

Universal mounting (patented; lower feet, upper feet, B5 flange with low speed shaft end shifted forward)

Closer intermediate size steps (for size pairs, standard and strengthened, only one casing and many components in common, changing only the ones allowing higher performances of greater size; improved modular construction) offering sizes closer to every application need and maintaining nearly the same component number for maximum economy of solution; same mounting dimensions for the size pairs

Rigid and precise cast iron monobloc casing (excluding sizes 32 ... 41)

Generously proportioned bearings of low speed shaft (bearings and shaft) in order to withstand high loads on shaft end

Possibility of mounting large size motors

Possibility of square flanges for servomotors

Manufacturing and product management flexibility

High manufacturing quality standard

Minimum maintenance requirements

Standard motor to IE C

High, reliable and tested performances

Pinion of final reduction with three bearings (excluding sizes 32 ... 41) in order to ensure best meshing conditions (no overhang wheel; maximum rigidity and overloading capacity, maximum reduction of noise level)

This range of gear reducers and gear motors combines and exalts the traditional qualities of coaxial gear reducers – compactness, economy –, with the ones deriving from modern design, manufacturing and operating criteria – strength and suitability also for heaviest applications, universality and ease of application, wide range of sizes, service – the advantages typically associated with high quality gear reducers produced in large series.

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