Lead Screws BSA Lead Screw and Supernut MTS, AFT, and XC

Thomson BSA Lead Screw
• Lead accuracy up to 0.003 in/ft  • Highly customizable solutions for OEM applications
• Precision screw machining  • Optional materials and coatings available

Supernut MTS
• Excellent lubricity and dimensional stability  • Cost effective manufacturing including integral flange

Supernut AFT
• Designed for light load applications  • Offers smooth movement and low drag torque
• Anti-backlash adjusts for wear for the life of the nut

Supernut XC
• Utilizes Thomson BSA patented ActiveCAM technology  • Offers low drag torque and high axial stiffness
• Anti-backlash insures consistent performance and repeatability

Miniatur Metric Rolled Ball Screw TSI

• Design maximizes load capacity      • Quiet and smooth performance      • Flexible ball nut mounting configurations and rapid prototyping
• Exceeding 100 % more capacity than competition in  most size      • Higher load capacity equates to longer life
• Precision rolled screws to T7 accuracy class

Linear Bearings 60 Case™ Linear Race Shafting and Linear Bearing INST, MM, and SP

60 Case Linear Race Shafting
• Manufactured to the highest quality standards  • Different materials, surface treatments, and special machining available
Miniature Instrument Bearing (INST)
• Very high accuracy and responsiveness   • For smaller loads
Miniature Metric Bearing (MM)
• Light and compact   • Up to 27 times longer life than conventional linear bearings
Super Ball Bushing Bearing (SP)
• Low cost, easy to install and long life    • Industry standard for self-aligning linear bearings

Profile Rail Guides MicroGuide™ TSR

• Low profile     • Comes in two profile styles - standard and wide    • Available in two accuracy classes - H and P
• Very quiet and smooth operation   • Low weight    • Industry standard, drop-in replacement
• High moment load capacity   • Two track gothic arch ball groove geometry enables single rail application

Glide Screws GS

• Lead screw and linear bearing combined  • Aligned from factory • Side load and moment load capable
• Integrated lubrication block - no maintenance requried  • Smooth and quiet motion  • Cylindrical or flanged nuts available
• Versions for high temperature, clean room and food grade applications available

Linear Motion Systems MicroStage® MS25 und MS33

• Ultra compact   • Low cost   • Low weight   • High accuracy and repeatability • Smooth motion
• Corrosion resistant options available • RediMount motor mounting kit included

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